The Shave-off on 1 February 2015

On a quiet Sunday morning the winemakers of our little valley got together at our local hangout – the revered Botrivier Hotel – where, as one does in the Botriviera, they all shaved in anticipation of the 2015 Harvest (the assumption is that they get so very busy during this time that their wives are referred to as “harvest widows” – clearly, no time for shaving).  Tasha Seccombe, our amazing “local” (well, Elgin really, but we like to think of her as ours) photographer was there to get some shots of her husband, John (of Thorne & Daughters). Gracefully she also took some of the other clean-shaven mavericks. Have a look, and (quietly) a little laugh. Have a look at the album on Facebook here.