You’ll never put a betta bit o’ Botrivier in your glass!

Apologies for the terrible title – a late evening conversation on twitter the other day about advertising slogans reminded me of the CountryLife butter advert which we had in the UK – you’ll never put a better bit o’ butter on your knife – and so I thought I’d plagiarise it for this post.

Because we were having a wonderful time all over Botrivier the other Sunday, and I really can’t see how it could have been any better. Beaumont had invited us to their Open Day and then, following recommendations from several people, we had decided to try Gabrielskloof for lunch in order to make the most of our trip over the pass. In tow were the in-laws, the husband and the child, so it was a packed car which creaked its way over Sir Lowry’s and into Botrivier to follow the painted flowers into Beaumont.

The Open Day is something which Beaumont holds fairly frequently and it’s a wonderful excuse to head down there, taste some wine and then chill for the rest of the day. I ran into heaps of wine-folk such as Niels & Penny Verburg, Jorg Pfutzner and John & Lynne Ford from Main Ingredient – all of them tasting the wines and then snacking on the tables loaded with delicious cheese, bread, olives and tapenades.

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