The Anysbos Story

In 2007 Johan and Sue Heyns bought two pieces of land that would become Anysbos. The remains of a stone cottage became our home and the old muleshed, offices and a tasting room. We built dams and roads and planted olive trees. Twenty two thousand of them.

In 2012 we planted the first dryland bushvines. Grenache Noir. Since then we have added Shiraz and Cinsaut. And some whites. Chenin Blanc, and more Rhone varieties: Grenache Blanc and Rousanne. We bottled and labeled our first wines this year. And we are happy. We are building our own little cellar and will be pressing our grapes on Anysbos from next year.

Watching things grow was just a bit slow for us Joburgers so we started making goat’s milk cheese. The liquorice allsorts herd of then has turned into a small Toggenburg stud. We sell our handmade cheeses to shops and restaurants in the Overberg and the offspring of our goat mothers to other breeders locally and neighbouring countries.

Cheese and wine and olive oil. We enjoy what we do.