From Bot to Burgundy

We are very proud of Samantha, cellar assistant at Gabrielskloof since 2009, on having been chosen to spend 6 weeks doing harvest at a chateau in Burgundy.

Full name: Samantha Griselle Adams
Age: 32
Birthplace: Botrivier
Weekend activities: Music, friends and visiting mom
Favourite music: Hip hop and R&B
Gabrielskloof experience? I joined as part of the building team in 2005 and was employed as a full time cellar assistant in Jan 2009.
Favourite memory of time in cellar? A big part of my Gabrielskloof experience has been learning different thoughts, ideas and methods from the different winemakers that I have been lucky enough to work with and under.
Favourite grape(s) to work with and why? I prefer to work with the white varieties as they arrive earlier in the harvest when everybody is still excited and full of energy.
Of all the international interns you have worked with, which nationality do you most like working alongside? Definitely the Germans, those guys work hard!
How many words do you know in French? 3 (laughing) – Bonjour, bonsoir and merci!