Bot Bull Goose Race

A scavenger hunt for grown-ups

The Gallivanting Goose along with the Bot River Wine Route, brings you the Bot Bull Goosechase Game, for the Spring Festival in 2018.   Imagine if the Amazing Race, your funniest home videos and Cranium got crazy inside a smartphone – that’s a game with The Gallivanting Goose! Funny, challenging and a real eye-opener!

It’s an app-driven scavenger hunt unlike anything you’ve experienced before. The game stars you, your co-workers, family or friends and will provide teams with a chance to experience the Bot River Wine Route; its beautiful tastes, sights and sounds, as well as interesting and educational facts. The game is played in real-time and the scoreboard can be seen by all the players, throughout the event.

The competition will be tough, as teams have 100 minutes to complete all the challenges, whilst driving from place to place. Each challenge is delivered in the form of a photograph or video - so there is plenty of photographic and video footage to laugh over in the end.

Meet at 10am on the 1st of September 2018, on the lawns of the Bot River Hotel. Each team is to be made up of 4/5 people per car. Participants are to be 18 years and older. Fuel costs for the duration of the game are for a team’s own account and each team can expect to cover 40-50km’s in total. Price per person is R400 and this includes the use of a smart phone per team ready and loaded for the duration of the event, a bottle of water and snacks as well as a Weekend Wine Pass (valued at xyz) to allow participants to enjoy the venues at their own leisure, post the game. Each participant will be required to sign an indemnity document.

1 September 2018
10:00 am
Botrivier Hotel