Botriver Goes Wild 2024

The free-spirited winemaking folk of Botriver invite friends and family (and fans) to join them in celebrating the 2024 Harvest, good wines, and good people. In true Botriver style, the winemakers will also (ahem) be presenting their latest (read: unfinished, unfiltered, and somewhat uncultured) wines from the new 2024 vintage. After the tasting, they will move onto the stage, where they will be taking part in a talent competition, sure to lead to lots of uncensored, hilarious, and riotous entertainment.

Although the evening promises to provide serious entertainment, it will also have a serious undertone – one of the main goals of this event is to raise funds for our local charity – Botriver Education Foundation – and we do this by way of an auction. Bidders will have the opportunity to take home some special wines discovered in the corners of our cellars, as well as unforgettable experiences carefully put together by our winemakers.