Together with our son and daughter, our handcrafted wines are made to delicate perfection, it bears the fruit of our love, humbled stained hands and tireless dedication. It makes us smile to see them grow.”
Villion Family Wines pride themselves in bringing premium wines to life. This means that vineyards are selected for specific contributions to create wines of International distinction. Selection criteria include age of the vineyards, sustainable and nature friendly production methods, limited yields, high altitude sites, clone differences and close proximity to the ocean.
Villion Family Wines does not limit itself to use fruit only from a specific ward, but actually use the strengths of fruit from different wards, in creating unique handcrafted wines.
Kobie Viljoen, with his twenty years of experience and combining with detailed and focused winemaking, takes hand selected fruit through the processes to capture the essential components of colour, flavour and texture within his wines.
Environmental friendly and traditional methods which include spontaneous fermentation and open top fermentations, add to the authenticity of the wines.

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Recent News by Villion

GOLD for Villion Henning Chenin Blanc 2017

We are proud to announce that Villion’s Chenin Blanc scored a whopping 94 points in the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show. Their Chenin was one of only two gold medals that were awarded. Also truly proud for it to be ranked under the Top Ten white wines of the show! With an interview with the […]

The Pink Ladies of Villion Wines

Villion Family creates work for the community ….. they started the Pink Lady team, where casual workers from Bot River are given the opportunity to earn an extra income. They help with cellar activities, like bottling, labelling, waxing and packaging. Cornelia, is their team leader, she is well known and respected in the Bot River […]

A Kevin Anderson Ace

Villion Family serves a Kevin Anderson Ace with their new release of Villion Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, true Botrivierean in style. Our wine, which is our first release, got the thumbs up by the credited panel for being a current Top SA Cabernet Sauvignon, scoring a smashing 92 points with Christian Eedes, Roland Peens and James […]