Botriver Barrels and Beards – Sold Out

Date: 20 Apr 2013
Time: 17:00 -21:00

For the second year running, the now ludicrously popular Botriver Barrels and Beards will be held on the farm Anysbos. This to celebrate the turning of the crop into wine.  The end of parstyd. The tasting of the new wine. We celebrate the winemaker and the valley where we ply our trade. To thank those who helped make this possible.

We  take the Anysbos tractors and crop sprayers and other implements out of  the old mule shed and make way for tables and chairs and a bar and the Stoepsitters who will provide Boeremusiek till the early morning hours.

Every winemaker from our valley stops shaving at the end of February and is judged on the day by, we hope, an impartial and sober panel of judges as to length, character and whatever criteria that is thought up by this esteemed body of men and women.

The panel’s judgement will be final and no appeals will be considered and no correspondence will be entered in to. The judges do not have to give reasons for their decision.

Once this is done, we party.

We celebrate our Overberg. Our valley.  The food, the wine, the music.

We feed our dogs something from the vet to keep them quiet and warn our neighbours and seriously try to not make total asses of ourselves while we kuier and drink and  eat copious amounts of homemade foods.

Seating is limited, so get your tickets early. And bring your designated driver.  And come enjoy the Overberg. Our wines. Our people.